What is ISU-1?

This inaugural race in Malaysia is an excellent opportunity for the nation to be involved and actively participate within the communities. Rolling chairs, fun and laughter, ISU-1 race is set to get families and loved ones cheering for each other. Race along with all walks of life as we invite public, institutions and families to grace the race on that day.

ISU-1 in Japan and Taiwan

From 2010, sightings are held yearly in Kirara Shopping Street in Kyotanabe-shi, Kyoto Prefecture. To date, it is an iconic sight-seeing activity that is held in many many cities in Japan. More than 50 races have been held across its homeland, China and Taiwan. Promoting the fun, challenging and motivational race, promoting team spirit and bonding among families, friends and loved to you all.

ISU-1 Endurance Race in Malaysia

The upcoming ISU1 ENDURANCE RACE is finally here in Malaysia.

This race is the first cross-cultural race held here. Emerged in Japan and Taiwan over 50 times as well as Shanghai, the organizers are bringing this fun race to Malaysia with a touch of laughter and bonding spirit. Singapore will also be in line to hold the next ISU-1 Endurance Race in the next coming months. Stay tuned!